The Movement Toward Chic Interior Design

Chic has become a popular interior decorating style, and you can take principles from the chic design style and apply them in your home to create a space that is comfortable and functional. It doesn’t hurt if your house already has that lived-in feel; then it only takes a few subtle changes to capture the chic appeal.

The presence of different qualities for your decorations can make your home confusing if you’re not careful with the use of colors. In this case, light colors, neutrals, and white are the ideal choices. These colors make great backdrops for a mix of chic furnishings, as well as natural colors to accent with darker or brighter shades if you want to add more hues.

The furniture can be the old things you have while the accents and decors can be personal items or those you’ll buy brand new. Rustic and vintage are essential qualities for the chic look. The appearance of a worn-out sofa paired with colorful throw pillows or an intricately designed drape makes for a chic look. Similarly, antique-looking chairs and drawers in the same room with your valuable paintings, ceramic vases and glass-cased collection of china is a work of contrast yet, looks creatively put together.

A trip around the neighborhood on the big trash pickup day may be very rewarding; one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Again discretion is necessary, you don’t want to bring home junk, but if you do find a nice sturdy piece of furniture consider bringing it home and painting it white. If you are a little more skilled, you may want to consider distressing the wood by hand.

Area rugs are a must with chic since it goes well with hardwood floors. This may be the one occasion where you can pull off a shag area rug, but please only in moderation. A neutral area rug with faded floral patterns or stripes may accent the rest of your decor well.

A floor decor in the form of area rugs, particularly a shag rug is a perfect fit. Place the rugs in high-traffic areas for a dual purpose as floor protection. The appearance of faded colors also looks nice in a chic design.

One of the most popular looks in decorating today is the chic look. It can be considered a more eclectic look than others with the quirky looks and designs that can be used. Old things don’t have to go to waste. There’s the wisdom of sorting things and keeping those you feel you might use in the future. Not to mention the beauty of thrift stores and flea markets. Our grandmas are right after all – think twice before throwing away your old things.

This is a very relaxed and comfortable style and is also very affordable. Most if not all of the accents and furniture can be found at flea markets and estate sales. To achieve a successful chic style, make sure that space is comfortable and practical. This is a wonderfully eclectic style that brings out your personality and creativity.